Get a simple step-by-step algorithm as beautifully and artistically process any of your snapshots, and retouch process make fast and enjoyable.

In this course I will show you the full process of working in Photoshop. You will learn how to set up and record action, do skin retouching, work with plugins and masks not $590   but only   $98

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Processing may seem difficult…

Most likely:

1.    Processing photos takes up too much of your time and effort.

2.    You’ve been through dozens of master classes, and as a result, it’s just a mess and there’s no single algorithm.

3.    Your photos after processing look too unrealistic or fake/ or your photos look boring and cheap

Learn to get amazing results consistently and without relying on luck  


“I like to fully control the process and the outcome. Besides, I want my personal style to be a part of every job. So I process all my photos myself. And I know that for many the processing process kills all the fun of photography. So I created a Editing course that shared a simple step-by-step algorithm on how to beautifully and artistically process any of your snapshots, and how to make the retouch process fast and enjoyable.”  

Hi, I’m Elena Mikhailova — among the top 3 best children’s photographers in the world according to 35 AWARDS

(International Photography Awards). I have more than 255 000 followers. 

I have been working in professional photography for more than 10 years and teaching 6 years. I have taught more than 6,000 students worldwide.

As a result of the course you: 

✔️You spend much less time on quality processing, and the process itself has become easier, more interesting and more pleasant.

✔️Your photos look more professional and expensive.

✔️No more guessing or relying on luck — you have a proven algorithm that gives an amazing result in each photo.

✔️You can turn any photograph into a work of art.

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 Here’s what’s included… and what you’ll learn:

1. GREAT Photo Art Workshop “My Artistic Processing from A to Z”

($250 Value) (7 hours)

2. Lesson “Skin tone” ($70 Value)

You will learn how you can make your skin tone more attractive if your skin tone is red, yellow or green already at the development stage in Camera Raw/ Lightroom…

3.  Backlighting  retouch ($70 Value)

This is a lesson on how to process a backlight photo. I purposely took a bad photo to show you how to edit a photo with problems.


4. Lesson “The harmony of a perfect photo” ($60 Value)

This lesson will show you how to use light, colour and the right clothes to create a harmonious photo. 

5. 158-pages Guide All Secrets by Elena Mikhailova “Artistic photography through my eyes” ($60 Value)

  In this guide, I’ve collected all my secrets for creating an artistic photograph, from choosing colours and textures of clothing to camera settings that will make post-processing a whole lot easier

 6.   Bonus  ($100 Value)

 More than 2 300 textures and overlays (snow, autumn leaves, flower petals, bokeh of multicolored night lights, soap bubbles, balloons).

Actions by Elena Mikhailova

Certificate of completion of the processing course

Here for now but gone soon…

This offer is only available for a short time.

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