Photographer Elena Mikhailova

Among the Top 3 best children’s and family  photographers in the world according to 35 AWARDS (International Photography Awards)!

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✅ The Guide includes 60 pages in PDF format. 
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In the guide there are my secret tips: 

- The main rules of composition that will help you tell a story and attract the viewer's attention (page 8 ) 

-How to add dynamics and motion to your photos (page 12)

-How to use colors to create a mood in a photo and evoke the right emotions (page 35)

-What clothes models, decorative objects and accessories I use for narrative photography (page 42)

-And much more…


I have been working in professional photography for more than 10 years and teaching 6 years. And helped over 6,000 people master the art of photography.  

And also a mother of four children, thanks to whom she found herself in the photo industry. 

Before the birth of three daughters, she worked as a top manager of a movie theater chain and even made a good career. But after going on maternity leave, I had a new hobby that brings joy and pleasure — photography. 

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