Child & Family Photography

For photographers who are tired of competition and constant search for new customers

Do you want to master the only genre that will bind you to customers for life?

You find a client once, and then he comes to you again. And again. And again. 

Dear friend, 

If you want to master the genre that will allow you to shoot the same clients for many years…

Without the constant rush to find new ones…

Without worrying about the competition…

Without taking any orders just to make ends meet

Then keep reading to find out exactly what this genre is and why it will tie you to customers for life.

And how quickly can you master it…

My name is Elena MikhailovaI’m among the Top 3 best children’s photographers in the world according to 35 AWARDS. 

I have been working in professional photography for more than 10 years and teaching 6 years. And helped over 6,000 people master the art of photography.  

And also a mother of four children, thanks to whom she found herself in the photo industry. 

Before the birth of three daughters, she worked as a top manager of a movie theater chain and even made a good career. 

But after going on maternity leave, I had a new hobby that brings joy and pleasure — photography. 

There is a niche photograph in which you once find a client and then work with him for years

This is a…

Baby and family photo.

Kids grow up so fast and parents want to capture every stage of their adolescence

The moment they were born…

When they turn 3 months… 6 months… 1 year

On average, up to the age of 3, people order 6-8 photo shoots.

And then, you know…

The birth of a second child and the cycle repeats itself…

And yes, you can be quite skeptical, and say, many take pictures on their own and are happy with them…

Everyone has a phone that can take quality pictures…

But if you can take pictures like this…

You never have to worry about not having customers.

And you don’t need talent to take pictures like this.

And my first first photos were, to put it mildly… not outstanding/ terrible. 

I’ll show you a few (please don’t laugh!):

As you can see, my pictures were pretty mediocre…

I wasn’t born with a talent for photography.

I haven’t always held photography workshops all over the world…

I didn’t have a queue of clients…

I was as much an budding photographer as most people.

And I didn’t know how ISO differs from the aperture. 

But at the very beginning of my career, I realized one thing — I lack knowledge and experience. 

And the best way to quickly teach how to take amazing photos is to learn from the best.

For almost 10 years I have been looking through all the best photos to find what unites them. 

And my photos gradually got better as I continued to decipher the secrets that professionals used and created my own!

And now for the good news…

You too can become a great photographer and take pictures that are breathtaking.

In a genre where you have no shortage of customers.

And you don’t have to spend years on it like I do.

You can almost instantly make huge improvements because…

All my knowledge and experience in the genre of children’s and family photography I gathered in the same course.

And I will gladly share them with you

May I present to you:


Course of child and family photography

You find a client once, and then he comes to you again. And again. And again.

Course includes 16 lessons, 8 hours of content

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You Can Create Images like these…

Here’s what’s included…and what you’ll learn:

1. The Backlighting Video Lesson  ($50 Value)

In this tutorial, you will learn one of the most beautiful techniques in photography: backlighting:

  • The work and peculiarities of shooting in backlight
  • Special effects in shooting and additional props
  • Shooting from a low point with photographic effects

 2. The Backlighting Guide ($15 Value)

How to become a successful and in-demand photographer? 

Learn one of the most beautiful techniques in photography: backlighting! 

Have you noticed how eye-catching are photos with backlighting and how often do you want to look at them again? Here is the secret of backlighting: 

3. “3D effect in photography” ($70 Value)

How to find the right locations, perspectives, so that photos immediately look deep and three-dimensional.

  • How to use Perspective
  • How to use light and its directionality correctly
  • How to make a photo light and airy.
  • Achieving depth of volume in photos. Artistic Processing
  • The secrets of processing in Photoshop.

 4. “Boy with a rabbit” ($50 Value)

In this lesson, we will analyze a step-by-step algorithm for processing photos. You’ll learn how to work with plugins, filters, curves, layers, and masks

  • Image editing in Camera Raw — basic colour correction, working with gradients, brushes, cropping.
  • Using Photoshop for artistic processing

 5. “Posing models in photography” ($50 Value)

In this lesson you will learn how to pose and expose models of different ages. I believe that this lesson refers to the mandatory basic knowledge so that you can grow quickly in photography and earn more.

6. “Children and Family Shooting on a Summer Day in the Outdoors” ($50 Value)

In this video I will show how I choose different locations in practice, how I work with the model, and how to do a complete photo shoot for a client.

  • How to work with non-professional models.
  • How to choose a location of the shooting
  • Shooting from different points
  • Backlight with a photographic flashlight
  • Shooting by the water
  • Sunset Side Light Shooting

7. “Shooting in bloom ($50 Value)

In this tutorial I show in practice how I place the heroes respect to the flowers in order to get a beautiful blur in the background.

  • Shooting with white flowering.
  • Shooting in the evening.
  • Shooting in sunny weather
  • Shooting the model in flowering

 8. “Portrait shooting in a studio with natural light” ($50 Value)

In this lesson I will show how I take a portrait in the studio, how I work with the model, how to find the right light, and do some experiments.

  • Work with the young model. Preparing for the shoot.
  • How to use a light reflector correctly
  • Shooting with a light torch.

9. “All about the eyes in a portrait” ($50 Value)

  • You will learn my secrets of working with models and discover 3 easy ways on how to beautifully process the eyes.
  • How to enlarge the eyes shape
  • How to remove eye defects
  • How to whiten the whites of the eye
  • How to add highlights to the eyes
  • How to make the eyes more volume

Secret-shine eyes and corneal tinting


 10. “Shooting at noon” ($50 Value)

I’ll show where I put the model when shooting on a sunny midday. How I look for reflective objects to illuminate the model.

  • First pictures of shooting in the shade
  • Shooting with the sun (secrets and techniques)
  • Shooting the model with her back to the sun.
  • Shooting at noon at 12:00

11. Video Lesson “Shooting with animals” ($50 Value)

In the video tutorial I give a practical part of taking photos with animals.

 12. Webinar “Ideal shot with animals” ($50 Value)

  • I’ll show you my favorite tricks for taking and artistically processing photos of animals.You will learn the special features of animal photo processing: how to show the structure of animal hair, how to combine 2 frames into 1 successful one.
  • How to prepare models and animals.
  • Peculiarities of shooting with animals

Working in Photoshop.  Artistic photo processing.

13. “Girl with an Owl” ($50 Value)

The lesson demonstrates a detailed step-by-step processing of photos, working with textures, plug-ins and filters. You will also learn how to work with curves, layers and masks.

14. Video lesson "Shooting a pregnant woman" ($50 Value)

Photography of pregnant women is a special kind of photography, which I like very much, because waiting for the baby is a magical time for parents and you really want to emphasize all the femininity, tenderness and beauty of the future mother.
In this lesson, I will tell you how to choose the right locations, and what moments to pay attention to when taking pictures. How to get great pictures and get a lot of positive emotions.

15. The Guide “10 Reasons Your Photos Are Out Of Focus” ($15 Value)

In this guide I will tell you the 10 main reasons why images Out Of Focus

And I also share tips on how to get rid of this problem once and for all.


16. The Guide “How I Set Up My Camera” ($15 Value)

In this guide, I talk in detail, gradually, about all of my settings for taking pictures

Course includes 16 lessons, 8 hours of content

 Regular Price $665 Today’s Price $138

 (Instant 80% Discount)

Pay by Card
Pay by PayPal

As a result, you:  

1. Master the only photo genre in which customers will buy from you for years

2. Begin to create spectacular photos from which it is impossible to take your eye

3. Master the unique technique and stand out from the crowd of competitors

4. Raise a check for your own services and become a popular and recognizable photographer


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