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Hi! I am Elena Mikhailova — among the top 3 best children’s photographers in the world according to 35 AWARDS  and WPA AWARDS (International Photography Awards)

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Why do I keep getting new clients and why does it work"a marketing telegraph"?

 Because in my pictures there's a miracle - the characters' displacement in time!

You look at these pictures and you don't know when it was taken, they stop your clients' eyes and they want to look at them!If you add the props I'll talk about in this guide. You'll see clients start to direct message you and ask you to sign them up for the shoot!

I love to use a variety of props and accessories. They are what help convey the story!

It makes it easier to pose for the model. With the help of different items we can be transported back in time! I will explain this in detail in my free guide. Working with props makes the photographer's job easier and makes the shot more beautiful.

The next day you'll get a video lesson about a 3D effect that can completely change the way you look at a photo. 

“3D effect in photography” ($70 Value. Now free for you)
How to find the right locations, perspectives, so that photos immediately look deep and three-dimensional.

How to use Perspective
How to use light and its directionality correctly
How to make a photo light and airy.
Achieving depth of volume in photos. Artistic Processing
The secrets of processing in Photoshop.


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