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I'm Elena Mikhailova, a photographer and mother of four.

Family is my core value, inspiring me to specialize in child and family photography.

With over 10 years of experience, I've developed a unique style and created a course from the heart.

This course includes 22 video lessons (16 hours) and aims to teach you to capture life's precious moments with love. 

Join me and learn these skills quickly and passionately!

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  School of photography from the world’s TOP 3 children and family photographers 

“Art and editing photography from A to Z”


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 You will learn how to shoot portraits like this

     🎯  I'm sure I can take you to a high level in photography because I've been down this road myself.

      I didn't think I would become a photographer at all until I was 37, I had a successful career in a cinema chain, I went on to become a Top manager. Probably because I used to do everything well...

      But with four children, I realised that the most important value for me is my family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧! 

While I was on maternity leave I got very involved in photography, but my photos looked very mediocre...  (please, don't laugh)

    So over a few years I created my own authorial art style.
It appeared that I had to learn some new skills and learn the technical part...

    My biggest tricks are portraiture, 3D effects in photography, backlighting and shooting with animals.
I will tell you all the secrets in my course!

A work that inspires you!
A work that allows you to spend time with your family.

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School of photography 

from the world’s TOP 3 children and family photographers 

“Art and editing photography from A to Z”

22 Video lessons, 16 hours video

1. Great Photo Art Workshop “My Artistic Processing from A to Z” ($250 Value)  (7 hours)

2. Lesson “Skin tone” ($70 Value)

You will learn how you can make your skin tone more attractive if your skin tone is red, yellow or green already at the development stage in Camera Raw/ Lightroom…

3.  Backlighting  retouch ($70 Value)

This is a lesson on how to process a backlight photo. I purposely took a bad photo to show you how to edit a photo with problems.


4. Lesson “The harmony of a perfect photo” ($60 Value)

This lesson will show you how to use light, colour and the right clothes to create a harmonious photo. 

5. 158-pages Guide All Secrets by Elena Mikhailova “Artistic photography through my eyes” ($60 Value)

  In this guide I have collected all the secrets accumulated over many years of work and it contains everything I use in practice; there is nothing superfluous!  

 6.  Bonus  ($100 Value) 

 More than 2 300 textures and overlays (snow, autumn leaves, flower petals, bokeh of multicolored night lights, soap bubbles, balloons).      

7. The Backlighting Video Lesson  ($50 Value)

In this tutorial, you will learn one of the most beautiful techniques in photography: backlighting:

  • The work and peculiarities of shooting in backlight
  • Special effects in shooting and additional props
  • Shooting from a low point with photographic effects

 8. The Backlighting Guide ($15 Value)

How to become a successful and in-demand photographer? 

Learn one of the most beautiful techniques in photography: backlighting! 

Have you noticed how eye-catching are photos with backlighting and how often do you want to look at them again? Here is the secret of backlighting!

 9. “3D effect in photography” ($70 Value)

How to find the right locations, perspectives, so that photos immediately look deep and three-dimensional.

  • How to use Perspective
  • How to use light and its directionality correctly
  • How to make a photo light and airy.
  • Achieving depth of volume in photos. Artistic Processing
  • The secrets of processing in Photoshop.

 10. “Boy with a rabbit” ($50 Value)

In this lesson, we will analyze a step-by-step algorithm for processing photos. You’ll learn how to work with plugins, filters, curves, layers, and masks

  • Image editing in Camera Raw — basic colour correction, working with gradients, brushes, cropping.
  • Using Photoshop for artistic processing


 11. “Posing models in photography” ($50 Value)

In this lesson you will learn how to pose and expose models of different ages. I believe that this lesson refers to the mandatory basic knowledge so that you can grow quickly in photography and earn more.

12. “Children and Family Shooting on a Summer Day in the Outdoors” ($50 Value)

In this video I will show how I choose different locations in practice, how I work with the model, and how to do a complete photo shoot for a client.

  • How to work with non-professional models.
  • How to choose a location of the shooting
  • Shooting from different points
  • Backlight with a photographic flashlight
  • Shooting by the water
  • Sunset Side Light Shooting

13. “Shooting in bloom" ($50 Value)

In this tutorial I show in practice how I place the heroes respect to the flowers in order to get a beautiful blur in the background.

  • Shooting with white flowering.
  • Shooting in the evening.
  • Shooting in sunny weather
  • Shooting the model in flowering


 14. “Portrait shooting in a studio with natural light” ($50 Value)

In this lesson I will show how I take a portrait in the studio, how I work with the model, how to find the right light, and do some experiments.

  • Work with the young model. Preparing for the shoot.
  • How to use a light reflector correctly
  • Shooting with a light torch.

15. “All about the eyes in a portrait” ($50 Value)

  • You will learn my secrets of working with models and discover 3 easy ways on how to beautifully process the eyes.
  • How to enlarge the eyes shape
  • How to remove eye defects
  • How to whiten the whites of the eye
  • How to add highlights to the eyes
  • How to make the eyes more volume

Secret-shine eyes and corneal tinting

 16. “Shooting at noon” ($50 Value)

I’ll show where I put the model when shooting on a sunny midday. How I look for reflective objects to illuminate the model.

  • First pictures of shooting in the shade
  • Shooting with the sun (secrets and techniques)
  • Shooting the model with her back to the sun.
  • Shooting at noon at 12:00

17. Video Lesson “Shooting with animals” ($50 Value)

It’s no secret that animals and children are loved all over the world. I learned a long time ago that this is the most sought-after genre that people are willing to pay a good price for. 

 Why does everyone like photos with children and animals so much? Interaction with animals is always a special experience and a great joy for our characters! 

At the moment of communication with them, children, and even adults forget about the photographer, relax, and give out natural and sincere emotions. Such shots will not leave anyone indifferent.

 18. Webinar “Ideal shot with animals” ($50 Value)

  • I’ll show you my favorite tricks for taking and artistically processing photos of animals.You will learn the special features of animal photo processing: how to show the structure of animal hair, how to combine 2 frames into 1 successful one.
  • How to prepare models and animals.
  • Peculiarities of shooting with animals

Working in Photoshop.  Artistic photo processing.

19. “Girl with an Owl” ($50 Value)

The lesson demonstrates a detailed step-by-step processing of photos, working with textures, plug-ins and filters. You will also learn how to work with curves, layers and masks.

20. Video lesson "Shooting pregnant women" 

A pregnant photo shoot is a special kind of shooting that I love very much., because waiting for a baby is a magical time for parents and I really want to emphasize all the femininity, tenderness and beauty of the expectant mother.
In this lesson, I will tell you how to choose the locations correctly, which moments should be paid attention while shooting. How to get wonderful pictures and have a lot of positive emotions.

21. The Guide “10 Reasons Your Photos Are Out Of Focus” ($15 Value)

In this guide I will tell you the 10 main reasons why images Out Of Focus

And I also share tips on how to get rid of this problem once and for all.

22. The Guide “How I Set Up My Camera” ($15 Value)

In this guide, I talk in detail, gradually, about all of my settings for taking pictures

School of photography 

from the world’s TOP 3 children and family photographers 

“Art and editing photography from A to Z”

The usual cost of these courses is $1255… but you save 85%

You Will Get All Of This For The Low

One-Time Price Of…

  JUST $198!  

You have 2 tariffs to choose from

1. You will learn everything on your own, after the training you will do a photo session following all my instructions, do the processing and send it to me.

I will analyse your work and we will correct any mistakes you may have made.
By correcting these mistakes under my guidance you will not make them later.
You will receive a certificate.

2. On the rate with me you immediately get access to chat💬 on WhatsApp and we fix your A-point. You send the work you have and we analyse it.
That way I already know your strong and weak points and we focus on them.
You will go through the same lessons, but you can ask me questions at any time.

This is usually a very warm and heartfelt🤗 communication.
I will always support and inspire you.
People often send me photos of their flats or studios and we look for the best backgrounds, what kind of window gives what kind of light.

I myself am inspired by this process because the gratitude of my students fills me with energy.
I see the photos of your children, I realize that we have the same family values and we want to go down this path together.
A diploma work that will immediately give you a selling portfolio and a Certificate of Training under my personal mentoring.



Popular tariff

  • School "Children and Family Art and Creative Photography and Editing from A to Z" 
  • Lifetime access to the lessons
  • 2 videocalls of the VIP group with Elena Mikhailova with a analysis of your photos and answers to your questions
  • Personal Whats App chat with Elena for 2 months, where you can ask any questions
  • Analysis of the graduation project and reaching the desired result
  • Certificate of completion  "Children and Family Art and Creative Photography and Editing from A to Z"
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Study with mentoring by Elena Mikhailova


VIP tariff

  • School "Children and Family Art and Creative Photography and Editing from A to Z" 
  • Lifetime access to the lessons
  • Personal Whats App chat with Elena for 2 months, where you can ask any questions
  • Analysis of the graduation project and reaching the desired result
  • Certificate of completion  "Children and Family Art and Creative Photography and Editing from A to Z" under my personal mentoring.
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Who is suitable for my training?

- 🔝📸I often have professional photographers from other genres of photography studying with me. Often these are wedding and newborn photographers.

They already have their own client base and are simply prolonging the cycle of interaction with the client.

After all, it's clear to everyone that after the wedding there will be babies and then more babies and more babies, as was the case with me. 

- 👩‍🎓📸Beginning photographers who are looking for their way.

I teach them one full genre of children's and family photography at a time. 

- 👩‍👧‍👦Mums on maternity leave, like I started.

At first they say they only want to shoot their kids, they don't want to go into commercial photography, but then they too are asked by acquaintances and friends to photograph their kids and they start earning their way into easy, just like I love!

Because the hardest part for me is selling, but when your products carry more value than the price, clients find you on their own!

     I have won over 40 international awards🏆 in my genre in 2023 and people often write to me on social media, "Lena, you are so talented!"
But I know that my main talent is simply doing what you do well.
I try to make photos that catch other people's eye, that you want to look at...
And for that you need skills⚙️: how to choose a location, how to pose, what to wear for your characters, find the right light.
You have to get the perfect shot so you don't have to spend all night working on it.

If you think my photos are good, then for my part I will say that my course is just as good as my photos!
This is what I teach my students👩‍🎓 all over the world.

I wanted to say a few words about light🌤️...
I don't teach how to shoot with complicated light schemes...
It's hard for me...

I teach to look for the natural free light we have!

Check out the works of my students:

I have also decided to split my whole course into 2 courses, if that suits anyone better

I have some students who have already learned how to take a perfect original shot🔝📸, but they like my artistic editing style, then they buy a editing-only course.
For 10 hours I talk about all my photo algorithms using different examples.
If in practice you yourself will pass my algorithm a few times, but to process a photo, which can even be put up to the contest you will have to spend 15 - 30 minutes. 

I want just Retouching!

And there are some who don't need as much information on my editing. So they take all the practical photography lessons and there are still 4 editing lessons in this part of the course, it's just not as detailed.

I want Mini Course!

It's important for someone to know they want to learn from a really top photographer, for that I showed some of my 2022-2023 only 1st place awards. 

So fate has given you a chance to walk this way with me or on your own. I've been searching for my way for about five years. And I wish someone had given me such a guide...
After all, we value our time!
It's our own happy or unhappy life.
Is it life with our family or constantly at work...

Ok, goodbye to you and look forward to seeing you in my chat room.



email  e[email protected] 

Ask me in WhatsApp